Family photography

Preparing for your family photo shoot


  • Firstly, relax and enjoy it, as it will be great fun, whether it's a family, couple or friends photo shoot, we always have a great time, and the main thing is you'll be going home with great memory's of the day which you'll never forget.


  • What to wear: Just try to think about colours that compliment each other well. Pick a colour theme, and all try to stay within those colours, for example, all wear neutral colours or dark tones which also work well. Colours can be good fun for a fun family shoot, but you want to wear solid colours. If you have logo's or bright patterns, this distracts from your faces in the photo, and makes the main focus your clothing which we don't want. You all want to blend nicely with one another. Jeans are good for a more relaxed feel. 


  • When photographing young children, I try to make it as fun as possible for them, but young children can sometimes find it hard to stay focused or entertained, so having a little treat in your bag for a quick refreshment can be very useful, just avoid anything that might end up down their nice clean top. 


  • Picking the location: I have a few nice spots that I like to use, that are picturesque and have lots of lovely backdrops which gives great variety to your photo's. However if you have a particular spot that has fond memories for you, and is picturesque (This is very important to bear in mind) then I would be happy to meet you there for the shoot, but please note that it must be reasonably local.